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The Laboratory

The Laboratory is a small stage dedicated to all things science. In keeping with its name, the stage hosts experimental approaches to science communication, so you won’t hear any lectures or dry technical talks! Expect music, interactive demonstrations, quiz shows, interviews and Q&A sessions that reveal an entirely different and entertaining side of science (and scientists).

Despite its ‘modest’ appearance, the 2022 Laboratory hosted some really cool acts…

2022 Line-up

Andy Day meets one of the Geological Society dinosaurs (with Megan O'Donnell)

Andy Day

Perhaps best known for his Dinosaur Adventures on CBeebies, Andy will treat us to a sing- and dance-along that’s all about communicating science with music.

Matt Palmer Band

The Matt Palmer Band

An alternative rock group based in South West England. While they draw on a range of influences, they perhaps most strongly evoke the spirit of grunge rock, inviting comparisons to Pearl Jam, Smashing Pumpkins and Radiohead. Their debut record A Rising Tide was released on 10th October 2019 and is billed as “a collection of songs inspired by the human condition, the mechanics of the natural world, and the intersection of the two”, tackling subjects including sea–level rise and political propaganda.

Science Futures founder with filmmakers from the BBC Natural History Unit (L to R: Emma Sayer, Jonny Keeling, Mark Brownlow, Fredi Devas)

Behind the Scenes with BBC Science Film-makers

A conversation and Q&A about the making of BBC Natural History programmes, going behind the scenes with the makers of Frozen Planet, Blue Planet and Planet Earth – Jonny Keeling (Head of the BBC Natural History Unit) and Mark Brownlow (Director and Producer at the BBC Natural History Unit), introduced and moderated by Professor Gail Whiteman (Arctic Basecamp Director and Professor of Sustainability at the University of Exeter).


Do Science with Ian B Dunne

Demonstrations, strange and wonderful noises, flash bang and big sparks and the occasional funny smell, all done with some fantastic and rare equipment. You won’t believe your eyes. Now with added Robots.
Demonstrations to make you gasp.
Pictures to transport the mind.
Specimens to catch the imagination.
Equipment you may never have heard of, let alone seen.
Putting the fizz into Physics, the mystery into Chemistry, the yuck into. Biology and making Maths count.
For all ages, from infants to infinity.


Elvis McGonagall

Scottish poet and stand-up comedian, known for his poetry slam performances as well as TV and radio appearances.

The Great Ape Challenge

Take part in the puzzle box challenge featured in New Scientist; how do your puzzle solving skills measure up to other great apes?

2022-06-23 17.53.10

Matt Kirshen

Stand-up comedian and co-host of the ‘Probably Science’ podcast, Matt Kirshen’s “precision wit” has earned him an impressive reputation on the international comedy circuit.

Standing room only at the Laboratory Stage

Biodiversity Blockbusters and Tenable by Tony

Science communicator Tony Curran brings environmental science versions of popular quiz shows to the stage.


— ‘Ask a Scientist‘ Q&A sessions about climate change and sustainability with ‘tame’ scientists

— Mini soapbox talks

— Open mic sessions

…and much, much more!

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