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Sex & Bugs & Rock ‘n Roll

We’re a team of enthusiastic researchers who want to share our fascination for the natural world and make science accessible to everyone. We think scientists should be more approachable and we also love music – so where better to have a bit of fun with science than at music festivals? Science is all about curiosity, so we do our best to recreate that spirit by turning interesting research into entertaining activities.

Arctic Basecamp

Arctic Basecamp is a team of Arctic experts and scientists who, for the last five years, have brought the Arctic to the World Economic Forum (WEF) annual meeting at Davos. They are calling for action from global leaders to address global risks from Arctic change.

The Plant Power Station

The Plant Power Station brings the science of sustainable agriculture to life, entertaining and engaging festival-goers of all ages. In our beautiful marquee our welcoming scientists will lead visitors through a series of games and activities tackling important issues like pollination, pest management, carbon footprints, organic farming, GM crops and food sourcing. We’re also always on hand to answer questions.

Waves of Change (University of Bristol)

We are a group of anthropologists, climate scientists and artists co-producing animated films with young people to imagine positive futures and spread climate hope. We will be making zoetrope animations in our tent and build an art sculpture with the public on the theme of climate hope – which we’ll then turn into an animated film!

The Future of Sustainable Science (University of Kent)

We have a mix of hands-on activities and informational posters on cutting-edge sustainable materials/energy research. Our collaborative stall is run by 3 university research groups. We offer 5-minute plastics workshops on what plastics are made of, how they are sorted and recycled and the future of plastics in research. We will also demonstrate how solar panels work using a solar-powered toy car. Last but not least, we have a light-up mushroom forest powered by solar-charged lithium-ion batteries.

Green Aviation (University of Bristol)

Green Aviation is all about making sustainable aviation a reality. Find out about new composite materials, advances in aerodynamics to reduce fuel use, what we can learn from birds, and ways to reduce noise and air pollution. Researchers from the Bristol Composites Institute and Bristol Department of Aerospace Engineering will be on hand to answer your questions about sustainable air transport.

The Gene Therapists (University of Oxford)

We are a group of scientists with huge enthusiasm about the science and safety behind the potential to cure many diseases using gene therapy. We focus on engaging activities about gene therapies for lung diseases and provide opportunities to talk to researchers about the work involved.

Energy and Materials for the Future (Centre for Sustainable Chemical Technologies)

Using timelines alongside real samples, we will demonstrate the history of energy and plastics, with discussion of sustainability and our current research in these fields. Our demonstrations and games are based around our research into plastic pollution, alternatives to petroleum-based plastics, biodegradability, and the potential of new sustainable energy sources and storage.

Tackling Air Pollution (British Heart Foundation)

Poor air quality significantly impacts our heart and circulatory health. The BHF is using world-class science to influence government and UK guidelines. We will bring the cardiovascular effects of air pollution and our research to life with an augmented reality experience and three interactive games centred around a marble maze, mini golf and quoits.

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