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Here’s the line-up for 2022.

In addition to the great acts on the poster, we also enjoyed open-mic performances by Gilan, T. Priestly, Helena Houghton, and Ben Grut.

Researchers participating in the ‘Ask A Scientist’ Q&A sessions were Gail Whiteman (University of Exeter / Arctic Basecamp), Dan Bebber (University of Exeter), Richard Betts (Met Office / University of Exeter), Matt Palmer (Met Office / University of Bristol), Dan Evans (Cranfield University), and Charlotte Hardman (University of Liverpool).

Rocket Science demonstrations were performed by Seb Hill and Max Scherer.

Trudi Edginton (City University of London) and Gilly Forrester (University of London Birkbeck) gave excellent Soapbox Shorts.

University of Exeter